Infinileads Interview with Red Tiger’s Chris Looney

Infinileads Co-Founder Eric Stoops spoke with Red Tiger’s Commercial Director, Chris Looney, to find out more about the award-winning slot supplier.

August 7, 2020

Eric: Let us start off with the LatAm market. There is a lot of talk about Brazil, Peru, and Chile. The CEO of GVC Group recently went as far as comparing the growth possibility in Brazil to the one in the US. Do you currently have any focus on any specific LatAm countries? Are there any specific ones that you see as potential targets going forward and why?

Chris: Our key focus at the moment is regulated markets in Europe where the growth potential is here and now. That said, we’re always looking for new opportunities with the right operators in the right countries. We’ve just signalled our intent to enter the U.S. market later this year, starting with Pennsylvania. We’ve seen how well our colleagues at NetEnt have been doing in New Jersey and feel the time may be right for us to showcase our games in the U.S. too, particularly as more and more states regulate. NetEnt has obviously enjoyed some success south of the border in Colombia too. Colombia is well-run and well-regulated and is a great example for the likes of Brazil, Argentina and Peru as they look to follow suit. There is great potential in all these markets and we’re keeping a close eye on the opportunities there.

Eric: Red Tiger has really had a supercharged positive development in the last few years. You managed to really execute on creativity and become one of the most popular slot machine providers in the massive UK market.  The “Daily Drop feature” has been extremely successful and many of your competitors are now trying to copy your feature. Do you have more interesting features in the pipeline for the future that you feel will revolutionize slot machines? What do you think has been the key to your success in general?

Chris: The real key to our success in the last five years has been our technology. Our platform is flexible and we are able to respond to both regulator and operator demand quickly. We’re also very keen on operator feedback, engaging with them on new product ideas in order to ensure success. Daily Drop Jackpots and the hourly ones that followed are a pertinent example as they tap into that desire by operators to entertain and incentivise their players. The fact that competitors are trying to copy them is flattering and shows we’re doing things right. We don’t have anything quite so ground-breaking on the immediate horizon, but what we have been running away from the limelight this year has been Project Spark. It’s a new way of working that allows us to deliver actionable insights to operators to improve KPIs. In some instances, we have completely changed the way operators run their bonus campaigns. It doesn’t hit the headlines like Daily Drop jackpots but it’s just as important.

Eric: There has been a dramatic increase in the number of slot machine providers creating slot machines compared to ten years ago.  Could you elaborate a bit on your thoughts on how you think it will look like five to ten years from now? It is obviously hard to make predictions five to ten years from now, but do you still anticipate the online slot machine experience to be quite like the one people receive today? Regulatory winds have been blowing in Europe for the last couple of years and compliance has overall increased. Are you afraid that the regulations on slot machines will go too far making diversification by creativity impossible?  What is Red Tiger’s view on the regulations we currently see in Europe?

Chris: Predicting the future is never easy and it’s a brave man that tries. What I do know is that we are very keen to work with regulators and within regulated markets to ensure things are done safely and fairly. As we adapt our games to suit different audiences, we adjust the development of them to ensure we remain fully compliant. As for what games will look like and how many there will be in the marketplace, who knows. The most important thing to remember is that cream always rises to the top and a focus on delivering a quality product every time is far more important than worrying about your competitors. Besides, as you’ve seen with Red Tiger and NetEnt, I suspect there may well be some more M&A activity in the next few years as economic pressures come to bear.  

Eric: We have already entered the second half of 2020. You have acquired a license in both Spain and Italy and entered these markets with operators.  You have released a lot of successful slot machines as well. Which of your upcoming slot machines during the second half of 2020 are you most hyped about and why?

Chris: Our games are certified in Spain and Italy and have indeed been very popular with our operator partners there. They are two vibrant markets and we now have key relationships with companies, including SKS365, 888, Microgame and Pokerstars. We’re also seeking more clients, should any want to get in touch. There’s more to come in terms of content too. Having introduced a selection of games to players in both countries, we now have plans to roll out even more titles in the coming months. The biggest launch for sure took place very recently with Gonzo’s Quest™ MegaWays™. I think that’s going to be a smash hit.

Eric: I must touch the recent breaking news about Netent receiving a takeover offer by Evolution Gaming. It is not 100% completed yet but it looks like the deal will go through. Quite the journey for Red Tiger to be acquired by Netent in September 2019 and now 9 months later you suddenly will most likely belong to Evolution Gaming. Personally, I see a lot of synergies, what was your initial reaction when this was announced and what benefits do you see besides getting access to the full operator network of Evolution Gaming through their integration API? Will we see more Asian focused slot machines going forward as Evolution has a strong presence in this region?

Chris: From a product perspective this looks like the dream partnership: industry-leading RNG combined with industry-leading Live Dealer. Both businesses are pushing the boundaries and we're excited at the thought of working together. Obviously, we’ll need to wait and see what happens and it would be wrong to take anything for granted at this stage. If and when it happens, it will be interesting to see how and where we can work together.

Eric: I do not know how interested you are in slot machines personally, but I have always loved them. The dynamic between the theme, mathematics and look and feel. If you could select any brand in the world for a slot machine regardless of limitations, which one would you choose and is it any specific feature you think would work well with that brand? 

Chris: Personally, I’m a big music fan and I tend to enjoy slots that incorporate songs into games. I’m a big admirer of NetEnt’s music-themed games as a result. In terms of specific features, I like games that mix it up when a player triggers the feature or a big win. Bearing those two things in mind, a Freddie Mercury or Queen slot with an element of randomness could be amazing!

Infinileads SL is a major generator for "free to play" slot machines in Spanish speaking regions. They are also active in Italy and Portugal and provide their service on the following platforms:



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