Daily Jackpots explained

Red Tiger’s Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots deliver thrills, excitement and big win potential. In this explainer, we tell you how they work and why you should play them

January 28, 2020

Must Drop and Daily Drop Jackpots have taken online casinos by storm and in this feature, we explain what they are, how they work and how they can be unlocked.
Hooked up to Red Tiger’s hugely popular online slots, Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots are progressive jackpots that must pay out before a specific time each day.
As the deadline ticks ever closer, the jackpot gets bigger and bigger, as does the chance it will drop and deliver a life-changing prize to one lucky player.
Such is the popularity of Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots that some online casino operators have created lobbies dedicated to these games.
To find out more about where the idea for Daily Drop jackpots came from and why they are so popular, we spoke to Red Tiger’s Director of Business Development, Carl Ejlertsson

The origins of Daily Drop jackpots:

Ahead of the UEFA EURO 2016, Paddy Power asked us to develop a concept that would add excitement to playing a slot game at the same time a World Cup game was coming to an end.We came up with the idea of having a jackpot that would drop at a certain time during the game and then adapted this to be a daily thing.
So, it was an idea born out of necessity and we stumbled upon what has become a very popular concept.
Carl Ejlertsson
Director of Business Development, Red Tiger

Following its debut with Paddy Power, Red Tiger has fine-tuned Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots to become the phenomenon that they are today.
Jackpots are bespoke to each online casino that offers them, meaning operators can decide which Red Tiger slots to feature the jackpots and also the timeframe for when jackpots must trigger.

How Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots work:

Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots work just the same as other progressive jackpots.
A small percentage of every bet placed on every Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpot slot at every online casino that offers them is added to the jackpot prize pool.
The more bets that are placed, the more the jackpot prize increases until it is won. Once it has been won, the jackpot resets and the process starts over.
The difference with Red Tiger’s Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots is, of course, the guarantee the jackpot will pay out before the predetermined time each day.
If you haven’t already played one of Red Tiger’s Must Drop or Daily Drop jackpot slots, this is what the game window looks like.

The game window is almost the same as when playing a standard slot, except for the jackpot box that runs down the left-hand side.
The jackpot box will display the different jackpots available and the current prize pot. Most commonly, the Daily Drop jackpot is at the top of the list with other jackpots below.

The other jackpots will vary from operator to operator but can include:

  • Super drop
  • Mega drop
  • Hourly drop

The jackpot prize pool updates in real-time so you can always see how much can be won. You can also see a countdown by which time the prize must pay out.

How Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots are triggered:

Triggering a Must Drop or Daily Drop jackpot is straight-forward. Just land three Jackpot symbols during the base game to activate the Jackpot wheel.
Sections of the Jackpot Wheel are split between the different jackpots being offered – those on panel at the left-hand side of the game window.
For example, it might be an hourly jackpot, a daily jackpot and a super jackpot, each of which would have a different prize pot.
The wheel is then spun to determine which jackpot the player will receive. This builds tremendous anticipation as the player waits to see what prize they will be awarded.
Some online casinos even offer mega jackpots that can be in excess of £1million which mean players have the chance to win a life-changing prize alongside smaller wins on a daily, even hourly, basis.
Unlike some progressive jackpots, there is no max bet requirement for your spin to qualify for the main jackpot prize meaning you can potentially win big from a very small stake.

This video shows a Daily Drop jackpot triggering.

Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpot sizes:

Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots vary in size. As the deadline for the jackpot triggering gets closer, the size of the prize gets larger. Of course, it can trigger early with a smaller jackpot value.
The average Daily Drop jackpot reaches between £40,000 and £50,000 before it is triggered but can be higher depending on how many players play the game and when the jackpot lands.
“Thursday and Friday nights tend to be the peak periods for Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots so if you are seeking a bigger potential win, that is the time to play,” says Carl.
Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots are smaller than other progressive jackpots – Mega Moolah jackpots run into the millions of pounds – but your chance of landing the jackpot is much better.
Mega Moolah, for example, can go months without the jackpot being triggered but with Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots, they are guaranteed to pay out every day.

The biggest Daily Drop jackpot slot win to date is:

The biggest Daily Drop jackpot win to date is £78,429 which was claimed by a lucky Betsson player on 24th September 2019.
Other big wins include £65,774 at Casino Calzone and another £65,000 win at bgo.
Why Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots are so popular:
To understand why Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots have become so popular with players, we asked Carl what makes them different to other jackpot games.
“The problem the industry had with jackpots was that operators needed to pool a lot of resources and liquidity to make them attractive to players.
“This tied up a lot of money in one prize that could only ever be won by one player.
“Daily Drop jackpots are smaller but still offer a desirable prize, squaring the circle between urgency and attainability.
“In short, they are a shot at the big-time and a life-changing amount of money but at the same time are attainable. We’ve actually created a new breed of player – those that chase attainable jackpots.”

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