Purr Power

Welcome to the world of Purr Power!

A great combination of less volatile chain reaction and scatter pay base game with absolutely smashing and bashing collector bonus filled with action and potential!

Captivating setting that manifests an eccentric mix of futuristic and anime elements!

Very well balanced math model that will engage and keep players along the way!

Its time to feel the Purr Power!

coming soon
coming soon


Hit Rate


Max Win


Reels x

Scatter Pays


Jun 19, 2024

Release Date
  • game name
    Purr Power
  • game type
  • game Provider
    Max Win Gaming
  • Features
    Free Spins Bonus, Buy Feature
  • Platforms
    Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games
  • languages
  • This game is approved by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Malta Gaming Authority.
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